About Positive Pet Care

We share our homes with our cute and cuddly pets, however our licking, panting furry friends bring with them many unwanted odours and bacteria. These bacteria, if ingested, can be the source of sickness in humans.

Positive Petcare products are powered by “Goldshield” a world-first, water-based antibacterial technology that kills harmful bacteria and viruses but is gentle on your pet’s fur and skin and is safe to use at home.

Our Product Range

  • Spray & Go Fur Protector
  • Wipe & Go Fur Protector
  • Shampoo & Fur Protector
  • Bedding & Laundry Protector
  • Cleaner & Sanitiser Spray
  • Skin Healer & Protector Spray
  • Litter Tray Deodoriser Spray

Our products destroy bacteria, the root cause of pet odour and many preventable illnesses and can be used on pet fur, skin, bedding and blankets and all hard surfaces to provide superior hygiene protection.

Positive Petcare products are in the ultimate in pet healthcare. They are simple and safe to use. They are naturally fragranced and they provide the longest-lasting protection for your pets available in the market today.

To all pet lovers everywhere, from all of us at Positive Petcare - thank you for visiting us

Andrew Thomas